Several Legal Sources

United Nations Security Council Resolution 242

United Nations Security Council Resolution 338
UN SC Council Resolution 478
Security Council resolutions

UN SC Resolution 446

UN SC Resolution 465

UN Human Rights Committee General Comments on the civil and political rights violations caused by the settlement enterprise in the OPT:

U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/79/Add.93 (1998):

U.N. Doc. CCPR/CO/78/ISR (2003)

U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/ISR/CO/3 (2010)

Opinions published by the Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination on the impact of settlements

U.N. Doc. A/49/18, paras. 73-91 (1994)

U.N. Doc. CERD/C/304/Add.45 (1998)

U.N. Doc. CERD/C/ISR/CO/13 (2007)

U.N. Doc. CERD/C/ISR/CO/14-16 (2012)

Reports of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on the settlem

U.N. Doc. E/C.12/1/Add.27 (1998)

U.N. Doc. E/C.12/1/Add.90 (2003)

U.N. Doc. E/C.12/ISR/CO/3 (2011)

Reports of the Committee Against Torture on the settlements

U.N. Doc. A/49/44, paras. 159-171 (1994)

U.N. Doc. A/53/44, paras. 232-242 (1998)

U.N. Doc. CAT/C/XXVII/Concl.5 (2001)

U.N. Doc. CAT/C/ISR/CO/4 (2009):

Reports of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women on the settlements in the OPT

U.N. Doc. A/60/38, paras. 221–268 (2005)

U.N. Doc. CEDAW/C/ISR/CO/5 (2011)


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